Herbalism Consultations

What is herbal medicine?
  • By definition, it is “the study or practice of the medicinal and therapeutic use of plants; herbalism”. Routines, teas, foods, oils and tinctures are used in the process of bringing back balance to the body. When our bodies are out of balance (physically, emotionally and spiritually), there are expressions of aliments.
What does an herbalist do?
  • I look for patterns of these aliment expressions to find where the imbalances are. Based off of these patters, as a team you and I come up with a plan to realign your physical, emotional and spiritual state.
What can I expect?
  • Prior to an in person/zoom consult, you will be required to fill out the online intake form to provide a health history and consent for consultation. Your individual consult may take up to 1 hour where we will discuss in further detail the answers from your intake form. Once we have completed the in person/zoom meeting I will need at least 48 hours to write up and prepare your herbal recommendation. Typically, most clients need at least 1 follow up for any adjustments that might need to be made.
Individual Prices:
– First Herbal Consult (1 hour) = $60
– Follow Up (30 minutes) = $25
– Individual Remedies = $10
– Couples Package (2 people) –> 1 hour consult, up to 2 Remedies and the 1st 30 minute follow up = $150
– Family Session (up to 4 people) –> 1.5 hour consult, up to 4 Remedies and the 1st 1 hour follow up = $225