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Manda Rasmussen-Clauson

Here is my first REAL vlog (video blog update). There has been so many (good) changes that I am excited to share with you all!

This might be my “last” blog for you as I am having my best friend and business partner work on an OFFICIAL blog website for me on all of these ventures. I will even have Hannah (my best friend) featured in the blog.

I apologize for my video being “raw” but it was easier than the pre-recorded and edited video.

Because I am in Wisconsin, I am learning a lot with indoor gardening. What are some of your suggestions with planting, harvesting & sprouting food inside?

Right now, I am working mostly with herbs (lavender, basil, chamomile, thyme, etc) but I do want to work on some greens, tomatoes and potatoes inside. What are some of your best tips? Bonus points if it is for gardening in small places inside!

Comment here or on IG for your thoughts.

May you all have a happy, safe & happy Holidays!

Manda Rasmussen-Clauson

Manda Rasmussen-Clauson

Despite working in many different industries, she has a true passion of doing anything outside. Homesteading is becoming Manda’s new reality, she has much to learn but is excited to do so.


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